Windows Messenger 5.1.0680

In my opinion, MSN Messenger is getting way too bloated with functions I’ll never use. So I returned to Microsoft’s other instant messaging program: Windows Messenger. It’s nice to see that classic interface again …

A new version of Windows Messenger has been released on Friday the 13th. Windows Messenger 5.1.0680 is currently available in English only. Other languages will be available in June 2005. This release improves the following features:

1) Improves the file transfer functionality for users who have multiple network connections. These multiple network connections include configurations for users who have wired wireless network or VPN connections.
2) Improves presence integration with programs. For example, this version includes the functionality to update presence information in Microsoft Outlook and in Microsoft Windows SharePoint services.
3) Provides support for Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit.
4) Improves security by using the latest secure components. Additionally, URL links are now non-clickable. This behavior is by default.

>> Download Windows Messenger 5.1.0680

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