Winamp 5.093

Winamp just released a new update for their popular media player!

* Fixed: OSD stays onscreen in DirectDraw Mode
* Fixed: Fullscreen video OSD doesn’t reappear after using Pause
* Fixed: ML Playlist > Select all (no delete key)
* Fixed: Vis data for in_mod (and possibly other input plugins)
* Fixed: msvcp60.dll now linked static
* Fixed: Small intermittent bugs in gen_ml and gen_ff
* Fixed: Greater than 2 channel vis data now works
* Fixed: Media Library problems with parentheses/brackets in artist or album names
* Fixed: Ripping CDs with trailing ellipses (…) in artist or album name
* Fixed: Better video flipping for YUV colorspace videos
* Fixed: Saved mute settings with modern skin.
* Fixed: Drag and Drop from external applications
* Fixed: Open File Dialog always-on-top
* Fixed: Crossfade on start
* Fixed: Freeze when switching audio tracks in a multi-audio stream.
* Fixed: Fullscreen switching with scaled video window.
* Update: Dynamic Online Media can now alert users to live events(can disable).

>> Download Winamp 5.093

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