MP3 format celebrates 10 years

The MP3 format has become so entrenched in the fabrics of the Internet that it appears nothing in the foreseeable future will uproot it. There have been other audio formats abound, such as Ogg Vorbis which has developed a grass roots following, however the popularity and convenience of the MP3 format remains unchallenged.

Indeed, the MP3 format has grown outside the Internet as well. Today and increasing amount of home and car audio CD/DVD equipment comes MP3 compatible. Many would not even consider purchasing an aftermarket car stereo without MP3 compatibility. Because the MP3 format allows for high compression without a noticeable loss in quality, this allows one to burn approximately a half dozen or more albums onto one CD, or an incredible 36 albums onto one DVD.

While the MP3 format has managed to make CD changers obsolete, they have also changed the face of the Internet as well.

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