and hurricane Katrina is one of the most popular domain name registrars. I’ve been using their services for a couple of years now for the six .com addresses I own and or / admin for friends, so I can really recommend them. Thursday night, one hour ago, I got a text message on my mobile phone from Siaz (the infamous John Terra play-backer) telling me his website,, is offline. Ten minutes later I’m at my computer, eagerly wanting to find out what’s the problem. Firefox opens, I type the address … and nothing happens, the site doesn’t show. I type the ‘real’ address of the site (, because the .com one is only redirecting to my server, and the site pops up as normally. So, the problem has nothing to see with my server. I type,, … all hosted on my server, all redirected by … they don’t show. So, I go to, and immediately the whole situation becomes clear. is situated in New Orleans, one of the cities that got severly hit by hurricane Katrina … They’re up and running on minimal resources at the moment, powered by diesel generators. But they’ve lost almost all of their connections to the internet, except one. That’s why they’re having problems, but I don’t blame them for anything. On the contrary, I wish them all the luck in this difficult situation, and hope the families of the employees are ok.

>> Read the official press release
>> Read the blog straight from the datacenter
>> See pictures of the streets and people around the datacenter

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