Mike Barell, Swiss quality

I rarely post mixes on here lately, but when I do, it’s because I like them very much. Mike Barell is a Swiss dj who surprised me in the past with his superb “Remember Trance” and “Transition Detroit” mixes. I have absolutely no other info on him, and I doubt it he ever played here in Belgium, and that’s a shame. Currently on his site is another fine detroit techno mix called “Thoughts of Spring” and labelled by Barell as “soulful detroit techno”. The kind of techno music we almost never hear in Belgium. I prefer listening to this kind of music at home, in one piece, doing other things while the soundscapes make a perfect atmosphere …

>> Download “Thoughts of Spring” by Mike Barell
>> www.mikebarell.ch

* The tracklisting is included in the .zip file

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