Winamp 5.11

Updated: LAME 3.96.1 (sorry, but 3.97 will need to lose its beta tag before we upgrade)
Fixed: playlist focus issue after adding files to playlist
Fixed: crash on multichannel songs with EQ enabled
Fixed: internet connection detection not working when set to “dial-up”
Fixed: manual playlist advance with winamp videos
Fixed: EQ text display glitch
Fixed: video not filling up video window
Fixed: black bars in fullscreen video
Fixed: [gen_ml] crash with no write access
Fixed: [gen_ml] CDDB Dialog Media Library drawing glitch
Fixed: [in_dshow] seeking on files with no video or no audio
Fixed: [in_cdda] aspi ripping crash
Fixed: [ml_wire] “my music” folder creation
Fixed: [ml_wire] Podcasts with dates before 1970 handled properly
Fixed: [ml_wire] Downloading of podcasts with parameters in URL
Fixed: [out_ds] fade-on-seek settings
Fixed: [in_wm] pause glitch
Fixed: [in_mp4] view-file-info filename not scrolling
Coming Soon: Multi-user profile support (preliminary support enabled)
Lots of other small bugfixes and optimizations (core/gen_ff)
New: ‘Station Info’ Prefs page (for configuring radio browser)
New: Password protection for Shoutcast TV ratings

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