Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.01

Crashes addressed

* After a few sessions, Dreamweaver won’t launch (Windows)
* Dreamweaver crashes when a template is opened, the site is changed in the Files panel, and the template is then modified and saved (Windows/Macintosh)
* JavaScript Error on Windows (crash on Macintosh) when previewing file from the Files panel when site is not selected in Files panel (Windows/Macintosh)

Performance issues addressed

* Dreamweaver is unresponsive when expanding the Files panel or viewing the Assets panel (Macintosh)
* Dreamweaver 8 is slow editing certain large files (Macintosh)

Application issues addressed

* “Locked by template” warning incorrectly appears when deleting server behaviors if “override case of tags” preference is enabled (Windows)
* When doing Find & Replace, Dreamweaver prompts you to re-checkout a file already checked out in Visual SourceSafe, and all changes are lost (Windows)
* When using PHP/MySQL, there are no MySQL tables listed when the database or a table name contains special characters or reserved words (Windows/Macintosh)
* When updating templates that contain dynamic links with multiple parameters or a URL encoded attribute value, pages created from the template are corrupted (Windows/Macintosh)
* Restored the download time and size indicator functionality to the Status Bar (Windows/Macintosh)
* “The parameter is incorrect” error when trying to save changes to a file on an offline mapped network drive (Windows)
* “The parameter is incorrect” error when performing this action: File > New > click on Templates tab (Windows)
* Access Denied error connecting to a FTP server with a UNC path as the Host Directory (Windows/Macintosh)
* Behaviors targeting an absolutely positioned empty tag (e.g. image) behaves incorrectly (Windows/Macintosh)
* Sync file unchanged – Dreamweaver always thinks the local and testing server versions both changed if the file has never been put to the remote server (Windows)

>> Download Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.01 Update (Windows)
>> Download Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.01 Update (MacOSX)

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