BitTorrent clients reviewed

” PC Magazine is running a review of several popular BitTorrent clients. They review uTorrent, an app that ‘packs an outstanding array of features in 107KB, and doesn’t even create a folder in your Program Files’ and give it 4.5 stars. BitTorrent Client from, ‘whose clean interface has three basic elements: a large progress bar for each torrent you’re working on, a slider that controls your maximum upload rate, and a link to the BitTorrent Search engine’, gets 4 stars. BitPump ‘features an attractive interface that sacrifices a detailed feature set for BitTorrent tweakers in favor of simplicity and ease of use’ and gets 4 stars. Finally, Azureus, ‘a favorite with advanced users, who enjoy its plug-in system and huge range of tweakable settings’, gets 4.5 stars. An interview with Bram Cohen from BitTorrent is available as well.”


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