Adobe Audition 2.0

For my audio editing, Audacity has all I need (plus it’s free etc). Adobe Audition (called Cool Edit in the past) is, besides Sound Forge, the most used commercial audio creation tool. Since Adobe bought Cool Edit, nothing much had changed to the program (the same goes for Sony buying Sound Forge). But, last week, Adobe revealed Audition 2.0! These are it’s main highlights:

– Low-latency mixing with unlimited tracks.
– ASIO support.
– Audible scrubbing.
– Analog-modeled Multiband Compressor.
– Recordable parameter automation with external hardware support.
– New tools for mastering.
– New Spectral Frequency Display tools.
– Broader video format support.

The retail build has already been leaked onto the evil internet, so if you’re into that, stick your head up at the usual sources. A trial version should be available soon.
>> Read more about Adobe Audition 2.0

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