foobar2000 0.9 rc

* Improved playlist management: all playlists are editable without being active, multiple playlists with the same name, Autoplaylists
* Field remappings in titleformat scripts: see Titleformat Introduction and Titleformat * Reference for details
* Tag merging: combines information from multiple tag formats on the same file
* ID3v2 support with padding for fast tag updates
* Cleaned-up preferences
* On-line help system for preferences pages (uses the HA wiki)
* Playback queue (contents are currently not viewable)
* Instantaneous volume changes
* User interface selection: if a new user interface is detected at start-up, you can chose which one to use
* File type associations editor in preferences
* Ability to reset individual pages in preferences (if supported by the component that provides the page)
* Enhanced playlist generator syntax; also used in other components like Autoplaylist (details)

>> Download foobar2000 0.9 rc

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