Hitman Pro 2.4

Hitman Pro 2.4 is a free collection of spyware detection and removal tools, all automated. It rocks 🙂

* New slick user interface (so we can introduce more functions in the near future, like settings for realtime protection).
* Added Flash Player upgrade to solve critical vulnerabilities (Adobe Systems Security Bulletin APSB06-03). Because Adobe Systems nor Microsoft is taking steps to automatically upgrade Flash Player arround the globe.
* Added support for Windows XP x64 (currently still limited). Note that Spy Sweeper will not be installed under x64 since Webroot hasn’t tested this).
* Fixed enabling SurfRight for Outlook Express when Outlook Express was not found on default location.
* Improved quarantine (restore checks for existing files and asks user to overwrite)
* Added hotfix for Spyware Doctor ikhlayer.sys which causes problems with chkdsk, Partition Magic, etc.
* Fixed block on some ActiveX controls. Hitman applies the Spyware Block List which blocks CLSIDs of certain ActiveX controls (prevent them from installing). Problem is, some of the CLSIDs are also used by MSN Instant Games. Hitman now unblocks the CLSIDs used by MSN.
* Added “Improved spyware removal” for external applications (like Ad-Aware, Spy Sweeper, etc). When eg. Ad-Aware finished scanning, Hitman will gather its targets and will close corresponding processes of these targets. This significantly helps spyware removal.
* Improved control of Ad-Aware.
* Improved control of Spybot Search & Destroy
* Improved SurfRight Helper
* Added support for Spyware Doctor 3.5. Users running Spyware Doctor version 3.2 will be automatically upgraded to version 3.5.
* Added removal of RazeSpyware en PestTrap to Hitman Pro AntiSpyware.
* Replaced WMF hotfix from Ilfak Guilfanov with installer for official Microsoft Security Update. Note that Hitman will still install the hotfix on operating systems which are no longer supported by Microsoft (ex. Windows XP without Service Pack).
* Ported hitmanpro2.dll (Visual Basic) to new C++ DLL, to solve ObjCreate and DllRegisterServer errors (which could occur under certains conditions).
* Added automatic install path for external antispyware software. Previously users must manually specify the destination path if he/she did not want to install (ex. Ad-Aware) in C:\Program Files. Note that the externals tools will be installed on the same drive and parent folder as Hitman Pro. This can still be changed in the Configuration of Hitman Pro.
* Fixed offline usage. If user copies setup and the folders packages and updates from a current Hitman install, user can run Hitman offline.

>> Download Hitman Pro 2.4