Paint.NET 2.63

Paint.NET is a freeware graphics editing tool.


* Built-in updater now works in Vista without having to use “Run as Administrator” beforehand (UAC permission is still required to install updates)
* Fixed a color intensity calculation that had Red and Blue swapped (affects Brightness/Contrast adjustment, and some plugins)
* Fixed .PDN images with transparency having a black background in their Explorer thumbnail
* Fixed crash when an image has bizarre DPI settings (such as 6 billion DPI)
* Fixed crash when an image has an invalid resolution unit specified (neither pixels, inches, nor centimeters)
* Fixed a few rare race conditions which resulted in crashes
* Fixed a rare crash with the history
* Fixed crashlog being created when the updates dialog appears over another modal dialog
* Fixed crashlog not reporting application version with certain damaged installations
* Placed a clickable Windows Live OneCare ad in the Setup wizard

>> Download 2.63 (or use the update function in the program)