Opera 9 final

Opera is “the other good browser”, besides Mozilla Firefox. Free to use, available on almost all platforms. And it has a ton of features:

User Interface

* Available accesskeys are now listed when entering accesskey mode with Shift+Escape.
* “Save as HTML file with images” now uses a folder for external files.
* Cookie site preferences now override globally disabled cookies.
* Bookmarks exported to HTML are now in the Netscape Bookmark File Format, making them compatible with Yahoo bookmarks, Scuttle, MyBookmarks, etc.
* When enabling the status bar, link and form tooltips will not show the URL address anymore, and will display the content of the title attribute without the “Title: ” prefix.
* Several content blocker fixes.
* Some plug-in content will now require you to click before you can interact with it.
* Changing alignment of mail headers no longer causes headers to overlap or disappear.
* Fix for font preferences being ignored when restarting Opera.
* Double-click to select words now doesn’t select punctuation.
* User JavaScript can now be set as a site preference.
* Temporary download directory used for opening files in external applications can now be modified in opera:config.
* Added setting Show New Opera Dialog, to allow version check to be disabled without turning off updating of browser JavaScript site patches.
* Added setting User JavaScript on HTTPS, to allow User JavaScripts to be used on secure pages.


* window.moveTo and window.resizeTo are now supported, as well as window.close.
* widget.setPreferenceForKey for Widgets now works.
* Fixed unwarranted security violation errors.
* Any [plugin] and [java] tags must now be inside the [content] tag, which itself should be inside the [security] tag.

Messaging and newsfeeds

* Several IMAP fixes including improved drag/drop from IMAP trash.
* Opening images in mail by right-clicking the image now works.


* Improved handling of percentage heights on tables.
* Stand-alone images are now centered on the page; image.css is read again.
* User set encoding is now window and site specific.
* Baseline for CJK characters is now correct.
* Fixed animation speed of animated GIF images.
* XHTML mobile profile rendering is fixed.
* Fix for missing marker on floated list items.
* Fix for display: block; on button elements.
* background-position can now accept positions larger than 2047px.


* Added support for DOM level 2 Style Sheets and associated parts of DOM level 2 CSS.
* Added support for the CONTENTEDITABLE attribute and contentEditable property.
* Several improvements to behavior of designMode.
* Added support for Audio.loop.
* Improved handling of mouse events passing through clipped or overflowed (or otherwise transparent) regions of an element.
* Implemented JavaScript 1.5 const as an alias for var.
* Added support for document.charset and document.characterSet.
* Improved handling of offsetTop, offsetLeft and offsetParent.


* Improved SVG performance for dynamic changes.
* Allowed SVGMatrix to be read/write.
* Added smallcaps support.
* Support panning.
* Fixed handling of gradientTransform attribute when gradientUnits is objectBoundingBox.
* Support keyboard navigation in SVG.


* Several fixes for Web Forms 2.0 stepping.
* Improved display of date inputs.


* Multiple stability fixes.

Windows-specific changes

* International MSI installer:
o Installer should now pick up the system locale and configure Opera with that locale if the language is supported by Opera.
o Now has 30 languages in one package: The international MSI package contains US English, Japanese, German, Polish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Latin-American and European Spanish, Canadian and European French, Italian, Norwegian bokmål and nynorsk, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Korean, Brazilian and European Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Turkisk, Punjabi, Croatian, Lithuanian, Frisian, and Georgian.
o Note: Norwegian nynorsk, Punjabi, Canadian French, Frisian, Georgian, and Lithuanian are not supported during installation. On first startup, go to Tools > Preferences > General and use the drop-down to switch to one of these languages.
* Several NTLM fixes.

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