Hitman Pro 2.5

Hitman Pro is a collection of spyware removal tools, all in one automated package.

New in Hitman Pro 2.5

* Added Expert tool. Even though Hitman Pro was never designed for the experienced user, a lot of people asked for it. Users can now have complete insight and control over threat objects (files and registry keys).
o The Expert tool has its own threat removal engine. So remember that the selected theats are not removed by the applications that detected them.
o The removal engine is capable of removing threats running as System. Also, before removing threats the Expert tool will close open processes and handles to these threats.
o Hint: You can also open the Expert tool before starting another inspection. Because of its enscrypted threat cache you can quickly see if you are re-infected by a previously removed threat, without running a new inspection. You could even swap threat cache (strider.bin) with other users to quickly check if they are infected with the same threats.
* Added checkbox to disable automatic removal of threats (main screen). When unchecked, the Expert tool will be displayed after inspections. With the Expert tool users have full control of the detected threats. Note that threats are always added to the Expert threat cache.
* Added prelimenary support for Spy Sweeper 5. Note that Hitman is not capable of using it yet. It will only instruct Spy Sweeper 5 to shutdown and startup when inspecting the system (so it does not interfere with the other AntiSpyware applications). Hitman Pro version 2.5.1 will deliver Spy Sweeper 5 support (Webroot changed a lot and its not so easy to integrate it into Hitman).
* Improved “Improved spyware removal”. This function helps the external antispyware application removing threats.
* Removed Hitman Pro AntiSpyware since its not compatible with the new internal functions and I decided not to migrate it. Instead, I will add my FuzzyLogic+ system to Hitman Pro 2.6. FuzzyLogic+ relies more on a rule set, rather than a lot of signatures. The Proof of Concept I have finished recently finds practically every known spyware and virusses. But it’s main task is to find yet unknown threats. People interested in FuzzyLogic+ can contact me for a demonstration.
* Rewrote the Quarantine. Hitman Pro is now way faster and efficient in quarantining threats. I also had to rebuild it to fit the Epxert tool (Expert quarantines threats before removing them).
* Added support for Internet Explorer 7. Hitman Pro was not able to download files when Users were running the beta version of Microsoft’s new browser. This has been fixed.
* Fixed a problem with SurfRight on systems that do not have NTFS on the Windows drive. SurfRight cannot be enabled when Windows is not installed on an NTFS drive. SurfRight relies on NTFS permissions to protect the user against attacks through known and unknown vulnerabilities in internet applications. Protection is based on the “Least User Access” principle, a security model where Windows Vista relies on next year. Linux and Mac OS X obey this principle for years and Hitman Pro delivers it for Windows XP today (in fact, already since April 2005).
* Added support for Windows Live Messenger in the SurfRight control panel in Hitman Pro. It’s mentioned properly now (previously it stated MSN Messenger).
* Updated Internet Explorer (SurfRight) icon to Internet Explorer 7 style.
* Improved SurfRight Helper. I changed the way files are opened from the SurfRight Helper. Also improved accuracy of the icons in the download list (sometimes SurfRight Helper could not locate a fitting icon).
* Added support for Spyware Doctor 4.0. Had to rewrite some code so Hitman is able to shutdown Spyware Doctor, when needed.
* Changed enumeration of installed programs. This is now done only when NOD32 is not installed (and is about to be installed).
* …and a lot of smaller improvements…

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