Plasma / LCD wankers

I’ve read over fifteen different articles about Plasma and or LCD-television sets over the last few weeks. I couldn’t agree with one of them. They always make the wrong comparisons. Of course a 42 inch plasma consumes more power than a 27 inch lcd screen, it’s almost twice as big! All these people talking about “wait until you’ve seen an OLED display” … Yes, well, they’re not here yet for a long time, so move on. Most lcd television sets available today on the Belgian market, with a price below 2000 euros, look like crap, even the cheapest plasma screens beat them anytime. You see the pixels, and they can’t handle fast moving images properly.
Then you have people, that know other people, who bought this or that television (lcd/plasma) … and the picture looks so horrible! Well, too bad, it’s their own fault. Did they buy the tv with their eyes closed or what?! Where I work we can show you the analog cable signal, the digital signal (Belgacrap / Telenet), a dvd picture and even a high definition picture. Just ask to see all possibilities. Get a fucking life. If you’ve never seen a plasma or lcd playing, shut up about it. Stop posting crappy comments on all the forums and newsgroups. What a total waste of bandwith and disk space. It’s 2006, nothing comes free. Nobody has a gun to your head to make you choose for digital television, or this or that tv set. Stop wanking about it, there’s far more important things in life.