Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro is a collection of spyware removal tools, all in one automated package.

Changes in Hitman Pro

* Added Spy Sweeper 5 support. Hitman will now, when installed by user, operate Spy Sweeper 5.
* Added “Do not ask again” checkbox when removing Quarantine archives.
* Added extra report information concerning Spyware Doctor.
* Added more recognition of registry defaults to Expert (keys that should be repaired instead of removed).
* Fixed NOD32 report (was broken in Hitman Pro 2.5).
* Fixed problem restarting Spy Sweeper UI (shields) when Hitman finished scanning.
* Fixed Disk Cleanup. In Hitman Pro 2.5.0 it was cripled (it never cleaned the browsercache).
* Fixed error during Uninstall of Hitman Pro 2.5.0
* Improved exiting Spyware Doctor 4.0.
* Improved handling of registry entries in Expert.
* Updated some language strings; users, thank you for reporting them.
* Changed Cookies under Threats (in Expert). Moved them from Threats to their own category (since Cookies don’t deserve to be called a threat).

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