Old school eurodance still got it

I’ll get shot for posting this, but I don’t care. I have tons of Top Hits, Hit Box, Dance Train etc compilation cd’s from the early 90s until 1999. Lately I’ve been listening to them a lot and I’m stunned about the quality of a lot of tracks. Back then commercial dance music was original, was diverse. When I play these tracks for a crowd, they still go nuts. Jaydee’s Plastic Dreams … Felix – Don’t you want me … Leila K – Open Sesame … early Mackenzie stuff … any hit from Snap! … These tracks still stand when compared to the loads of crap that’s in today’s hit lists. Today’s commercial dance music is cool for one or two months, after that nobody remembers it. A track like Plastic Dreams, from our very own R&S Records … they played that for weeks in the Radio 2 Top 30, imagine that today; impossible.

I’m not ashamed to play them. And when I find the time I want to make a mix with my favorite commercial tunes from back then.

To get a bit in the mood:

http://navig8.to/zzillezz/oldschooleurodance.zip (copy paste url, no save target as)

Timeshift – Don’t You Feel The Beat (2:29)
Shades Of Rhythm – Musical Freedom (1:30)
Jaydee – Music Is So Special (1:44)

The first track by Timeshift is not really one of my favorites, tough it’s always a bomb when there’s lots of gays in the audience 🙂 But it’s in there because of the very cool mix with the second track by Shades Of Rhythm. When I first heared that, I got an energy boost like I haven’t had in a long time.

Ok, now shoot me 🙂