I used to know a lot of people

They partied at my house. They spent my money. I drove them around I my car. We had fun. I loved some of them. I helped a lot of them. They got second chances, even third chances. No I don’t ever see them anymore. They stop returning your calls, your text messages. They don’t even say hello anymore when you meet them somewhere. They tell other people stories about you. And I fucking can’t have any of that crap anymore.
Friendship doesn’t come with an on – off switch when it suits you right. So if you’re wondering why I’m rather emotional lately, here it is. I need to know who my friends are, and I’m getting rid of the people that do me wrong. I’ve been hurt and stabbed in the back once too often. To my real friends: I love you longtime (with or without penetration, that depends …) 🙂