Opera 9.02

Opera is my trusty second choice when it comes to browsing. That’s just how it is. It’s free, fast, and has some very handy features that are not to be found in standard Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. And Opera is from Norway, that fact alone is worth supporting it! Norway with it’s curvy blondes with big b… errm, I’m mistaken with Sweden.

User interface

* Fixed quick find field in Windows panel.

Mail, messaging, and newsfeeds

* Fixed high CPU usage while downloading big emails.
* Properties can now be accessed within the contacts and bookmarks panel after deleting items.
* Image attachments can now be saved using the context menu.
* Accessing a news link when no news server is configured will now prompt to configure a server.

Display and scripting

* Fixed a DOMParser bug affecting some menu scripts.
* Click events are now correctly received in designMode.
* Implemented support for Node.selectNodes, Node.selectSingleNode, and Attr.text.
* Improved rendering efficiency for repositioned elements, as in Flickr’s updated “organizr”.
* Allow large integers to be used in object declaration property names, as on the comments form on Slashdot beta.

Plug-ins and Java

* Fix for playing sound clips on Amazon.


* Fixed an OpenSSL RSA signature verification flaw. See the advisory.


* Multiple stability improvements, including a stability issue on my.yahoo.com.
* Improved handling of downloads when the disk is full.
* Improved handling of Web site logins on slow connections.
* Improved handling of WAP text inputs.

Windows-specific changes

* Fix to allow opera to be set as default browser using the prompt at startup.
* Fix for attaching read-only files in mail.
* Support for the Windows XP Media Center Edition remote control.
* Added new settings in the Java section of opera:config to allow you to override the system defined JRE.

Mac-specific changes

* Schubert PDF plugin now works again.
* Enabled Web archive filenames with more than 28 characters.

>> Download Opera 9.02 from www.opera.com