Gnome Partition Editor Live CD 0.3.4-3

GParted-livecd has been released to gparted-livecd-0.3.4-3. The most important change is that the media now boots off the powerful GRUB boot loader ! Some new boot options have been set. “Logout” is now available from shutdown-menu, to kill X, if needed. Media boots with No Frame Buffer by default, but option is still available.


* No timeout set in GRUB, so nothing loads before you hit “enter”. All boot options are : Enable Frame Buffer (800×600)
* Video : Force VESA driver, Force INTEL driver, Force I810 driver.
* Local : Boot MBR on first hard drive, Boot partition #1 on first hard drive, Boot MBR on second hard drive, Boot partition #1 on the second hard drive.

>> GParted website

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