SoulSeek 157 test 11

Soulseek is a unique ad-free, spyware free, and just plain free file sharing application. One of the things that makes Soulseek unique is the community-related features. Based on peer-to-peer technology, virtual rooms allow you to meet people with the same interests, share information, and chat freely using real-time messages in public or private. Soulseek, with its built-in people matching system, is a great way to make new friends and expand your mind! Soulseek does not endorse nor condone the sharing of copyrighted materials. You should only share and download files which you are legally allowed to or have otherwise received permission to share.

* private chatrooms added. to start a private chatroom, right-click the room list and select ‘create room’. in the following dialog make sure the ‘create as private’ box is checked before clicking OK. to add another user as a member, right-click their username and select ‘Add as member of [room’s name]’. private rooms you are the owner or member of are shown at the top of the room list in bold. rooms you are the owner of are additionally underlined. to give up your ownership or membership of a private room, right-click the room’s name and select either ‘Give up room ownership’ or ‘Give up room membership’, respectively.
* your login name is now shown at the soulseek window title.
* 60 second timeout was removed for retrieving a user’s personal info.
* user lists can now be sorted by flag.
* tile windows button is back by request.
* flags can now be turned off altogether through general options.
* tray icon refresh option, which is turned on by default, was removed to avoid a possible freeze every minute. this may become
an issue after installing IE7.

>> SoulSeek website
>> Download SoulSeek 157 test 11

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