XnView 1.91.6

XnView is a multi-platform software used for viewing, converting and manipulating graphic files. It supports more than 400 image file formats, is free of charge for private usage, easy to use and requires no installation (portable software).

Subsampling & smoothing factor for jpeg
Show in Google Earth (if EXIF GPS exists) in contextual menu
Option to use ‘checkerboard’ for transparency
You can select a category and pressing CONTROL to select it and all children

Previous/next folder is Ctrl+PageUp/Down
“Auto contrast” is Ctrl+Alt+O

Custom color not used in categories & Favorites view
Random slideshow
Folder icon on Vista
“Remove from all categories”
B&W mirrored
B&W converted in RGB before printing
some EXIF problem
Problem for grey jpeg format
levels not saved correctly (batch convert)
“Zoom in” on a picture (view mode) with a selection now center with the selection
Dead lock if embedded thumbnail can not be rotated after a lossless rotation
Info is not erased when picture is moved (no fullscreen)
Autofit for video not kept
View mode, LockZoom (if not ResetXY) lock position too
Categories selection show more than once the same picture
Menu View/Preview
Alpha channel & read ahead
Prev/Next not greyed

>> XnView website
>> Download XnView 1.91.6

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