µTorrent 1.8 build 11705 rc7

µTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint. It was designed to use as little cpu, memory and space as possible while offering all the functionality expected from advanced clients.

Changes in version 1.8 RC7 (build 11705)

* Feature: Downloaded column for Trackers tab
* Change: Return to 1.7 peer logging behaviour of turning the logging off when the logging tab menu is brought up and dismissed
* Change: advanced option for mapping only TCP port with UPnP (for broken routers)
* Change: Remove redundant error message when a torrent from the autoload folder is not loaded
* Fix: Do not bring window to front when “Activate the program window” under “When adding torrents” is not selected
* Fix: crash with very large copying Created By field
* Fix: enforce prio_first_last_piece with magnet URI downloads
* Fix: create folder for multi file torrents, with magnet URI downloads
* Fix: When an autoload directory is set more add torrent dialogs will not be shown until the current batch is closed

Changes in version 1.8 RC6 (build 11564)

* Fix: loading of skins (enabled and disabled images, flags)
* Fix: crash with Change Location dialog when adding torrents

Changes in version 1.8 RC5 (build 11549)

* Feature: add associate magnet URI button
* Change: handle magnet URIs
* Change: make association check on startup apply to all associations, not just .torrent
* Change: when a file is relocated, do not recheck if it is unlikely the file has changed. mirrors Stop and Start behaviour
* Change: warn and do not load skins of the wrong size
* Fix: logger options represent settings after peer log selection
* Fix: do not reset check_update_beta when upgrading from beta to stable
* Fix: rare http peer connection stall

>> µTorrent website
>> Download µTorrent 1.8 build 11705 rc7

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