Songbird 1.0

Songbird is a music player built from Firefox’s browser engine. It is open source and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Songbird plays the media web. Play MP3s without leaving the page. Songbird views Web pages as dynamic playlists to play, save, download or subscribe to. Songbird plays your music too with all the features you’d expect in a desktop media player. Like Firefox, Songbird’s features may be improved with user installed and contributed cross-platform extensions.

New Features

* GStreamer
* Improved mashTape
* Improved Album Art Support
* Complete Keyboard Shortcuts
* Updated Linux Installer
* Re-usable Smart Playlists
* Reveal Original Files
* Recommended Add-ons Updater
* Hide & Show Display Panes
* Simpler Column Headings

Performance Enhancements

* Drastically Faster Search: Searching in Songbird is now anywhere from 10x faster for small libraries to 1000x for large ones.
* Reduced RAM Usage: There’s a 70% reduction in RAM usage when importing and using large (100,000 track) libraries.
* Faster Media Importing: Importing media into Songbird is now 2-4x faster.
* Reduced Startup Times: Large library users (10,000 tracks or more) will notice that Songbird startup times are now twice as fast.
* Efficient Scrolling: Scrolling through your library now uses half the amount of CPU.
* Snappier Sorting: Sorting your library is now 3-4x faster, which adds up to significantly smoother browsing when scrolling and filtering.
* Optimized DB Size: We’ve optimized the database in Songbird and reduced its size by, on average, 60%. This leads to a variety of performance improvements throughout the application.
* Fewer Crashers: We’ve worked hard to identify and fix 11 of the most common crashes in Songbird.

For Developers

* We’ve created a simple guide for updating 0.7.0 Feathers to be 1.0 compatible.
* For extension developers, we’ve created a similar guide for updating extensions to be 1.0 compatible.
* We updated the Media Core APIs to take advantage of GStreamer. This allows for more power and flexibility in controlling playback.
* We’ve documented how developers can add support for additional playback formats by packaging GStreamer plugins as Songbird add-ons.

>> Songbird website
>> Download Songbird

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