µTorrent 2.0 build 16081 beta

µTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint. It was designed to use as little cpu, memory and space as possible while offering all the functionality expected from advanced clients.

To get the best torrent speed from your internet connection: only have a small amount of torrents active, and be sure to get your speed settings right in the torrent client. This is even more important when using a wireless connection because some wireless routers can’t cope with all the traffic and will crash / lose connection.

New features:
New Setup guide & Speedtest.
Add Moldova to peer flags
UDP tracker support
New installer with EULA, file association
Grayscale disabled toolbar buttons
uTP supports window sizes smaller than the packet size
enable and disable toolbar buttons according to selected torrents
New “Transfer Cap” pane in Preferences
uTP can be enabled or disabled using “Enable bandwidth management” checkbox in Preferences
Added upnp host cache to speed up upnp nat resolution on misbehaving routers
If selected, install start menu and desktop shortcuts to all users instead of only current user
Disable toolbar offers for Wine installs
Uninstaller is added to all user profiles
Incomplete downloads sort after completed downloads if sorting by “Completed On”
Prompt to take associations in installer only if any others exist
Reduced uTP overhead slightly by ramping up packet sizes at lower rates
UAC must be completed to install in Vista or higher
Tweaks to Ask toolbar offer
Added support for 3:rd party applications to more easily be configured to access the uTorrent web UI, i.e. to pair the applications
Torrent whose “Force Recheck” is greyed out will not recheck when asked through multi-torrent selections
Bugs fixed:
Crash when assigning new label to torrents from RSS
Maintain category list selection on update for some edge cases
Fixed uTP selective ack bug (would cause connections to stall and time out)
Fixed uTP fast re-send bug (would sometimes re-send packets that shouldn’t be re-sent)
Buffer overrun vulnerability in create torrent dialog
uTP recovers faster after timeout
Memory leaks in main window, protocol associations, settings dialog, general tab
Only change run on startup if installer is shown
Make “alternate upload rate when seeding” apply when the seeding is set by the scheduler
Align “Web Seeds” in torrent creation dialog
Translated strings in uninstaller
Http seeds would not reconnect after stopping and starting torrent
Http seed for multifile torrents
Regression in 15562 that caused frequent crashes
uTP issue on low-latency high-throughput networks
Copying long filenames to clipboard no longer results in garbage or crash
Fixed web seed support for multi-file torrents
When adding torrents through URLs via commandline, we would always open the add torrent dialog
Handle multi file torrents with web seed urls that incorrectly don’t end with a slash
Make sure web seed urls end with a slash for multifile torrents
Setup Vista firewall
Remove settings on Vista during un-installation
Check at startup for incompatible versions of NVIDIA nForce firewall

>> µTorrent website
>> Download µTorrent 2.0 build 16081 beta

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