PeaZip 3.0

PeaZip is an open source file and archive manager. Flexibe, portable, secure, and free as in freedom. PeaZip 3.0 was released today, featuring better system integration on Windows, with context menu entries capable of handling multiple input in a single instance of the program, and the capability of re-configuring the system integration (file associations, menu entries) from Options > Settings.
Custom icons are featured for most common archive types (7z, bz2, gz, rar, zip), and for generic archives, split files, packages, and disk images.
“Ask before overwriting” mode in is now available in extraction options. On extraction, the archive is now tested for encryption in a much more faster way, and during operations more information about the job’s progress and speed is shown.

>> PeaZip website
>> Download PeaZip 3.0

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