PCLinuxOS 2010

PCLinuxOS 2010 – yes, it’s a stupid name – is now available for download. Features: Linux kernel for maximum desktop performance; full KDE 4.4.2 desktop; NVIDIA and ATI driver support; multimedia playback support for many popular formats; wireless support for many network devices; printer support for many local and networked printer devices; addlocale allows you to convert PCLinuxOS into over 60 languages;
GetOpenOffice can install OpenOffice.org supporting over 100 languages; MyLiveCD allows you to take a snapshot of your installation and burn it to a live CD/DVD; parental controls to keep your kids away from those naughty web sites. In addition to our regular KDE 4 release we also have other desktops available such as GNOME 2.30.0, LXDE, Xfce and Enlightenment 17.

>> PCLinuxOS website
>> Download PCLinuxOS 2010

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