AIMP 2.61 build 560

AIMP is my new default music player on Windows. I don’t want to spend the time and effort anymore to configure foobar2000 to my liking. I wanted something that *just works*: gapless playback, lots of cueing options, integrates well with Windows 7 and so on. Try it out!

* Manuals were updated
* BASS Libraries was updated
* Tags reading core was optimized
* License agreement was updated
* Localizations were updated
– Fixed: auto shutdown fails, if pause between tracks was switched on
– Fixed: sometimes the name of the radio station can be lost from playlist item
– Fixed: small bugs in plugins core
– Fixed: small bugs in skins engine

>> AIMP website (click on language EN if your Russian is a bit rusty)
>> Download AIMP 2.61 build 560

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