Trillian Astra 5.0 build 23

Trillian lets you connect to multiple IM and social networks at the same time, managing contacts and real time status feeds efficiently. Trillian is available for Windows, Mac, Iphone, Android, BlackBerry, and online.

Trillian for Windows: Over 100 bugfixes! (5.0 Build 23)
Thanks to everyone who tried the new beta of Trillian 5 for Windows. This week we’re back with build 23, featuring over 100 bugfixes and enhancements! Be sure to update your existing copy of Trillian 5 with the latest and greatest to ensure you benefit from all of the new fixes. We’ll be continuing to improve the product moving forward; be sure to drop by our community forums to say hello or suggest new features you’d like to see in Trillian 5!

Trillian 5 will keep itself automatically updated. You can restart your copy to get the latest build. We are also pushing a small bugfix update to Trillian 4.2 which reduces the size of one of the assets we store on our servers.

>> Trillian website
>> Download Trillian Astra 5.0 build 23 (Windows)

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