The State Of TV

In Belgium, the broadcast networks want more money from the tv carriers like Telenet and Belgacom. They want more money because less people watch tv, and when they do, more and more people record the programs onto their dvr, and then fast forward the commercials.

To the broadcasters: If your shows are good people will watch them. Quality of content should come first. Not the commercial value or product placement possibilities. Make your programs available on the internet. For free with commercials you can’t skip, or at a small price without commercials. This way you reach your target audience and circumvent Telenet and Belgacom. If you’re trying to reach the most people, then why is your network not available through DVBT ?

To the operators: you’re already charging us way too much money for your services. There’s a crisis going on, prices should go down, not up. Television service from each of the two ‘big’ providers in Belgium is expensive. Why is there nothing available through DVBT besides the public networks? In France (where it’s called TNT) this system works: all major public and commercial networks are available for free in digital quality, and most of them in HD.

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