I still love my BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 has been my phone for the last two years. It’s been dropped quite a few times, there are scratches here and there, and dust is building up since it got burried in the sand. But I haven’t found anything that comes close to it.
Every now and then I play around with new devices – mostly Android based. But there is no comparison. I want (need) fast typing and a battery that lasts for days. No Nexus, Galaxy or iPhone can give me that. Yes, having a bigger screen is nice if you like playing videos or games. But all I do is send mails, text (sms, bbm, whatsapp), use the calendar, browse some news websites, and check Facebook and Twitter from time to time.
So, RIM, don’t give in under all the negative press and keep doing what you’re doing. I’m eagerly awaiting the upcoming BlackBerry OS 10 devices!

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