Paint.NET 3.0 beta2

Paint.NET is a photo and image editing tool designed for computers running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000. It serves the digital imaging community as a free alternative to the standard paint application included with Windows. It brings powerful features to the desktop, a myriad of special effects, plug-in extensibility, and layer manipulation. It enhances the image editing experience for tablet owners with Windows XP Tablet Ink support. Digital photographers and artists can enhance their images with features and effects such as levels adjustment, cross-layer cloning, anti-aliased tools, motion blur, and red eye removal.

* Fixed: Tablet PC startup crash
* Fixed: Application not starting again after it was closed quickly due to an abandoned mutex and process
* Fixed: Some plugins were crashing in non-English because of a bug in the resource manager
* Fixed: Pressing ESC was not deselecting
* Fixed: A few small UI inconsistencies
* Fixed: Toolbars in Choose Defaults dialog were overflowing in some languages
* Fixed: Several rare crash bugs
* Fixed: Portuguese is now properly called “Portuguese (Brazil)”

>> Download Paint.NET 3.0 beta2