2.2.0 is a free and powerful office suite. The look and feel might be a bit less intuitive compared to Microsoft’s Office suite, but it suits my needs. And because it’s free, open source and most important: good, it deserves to at least try it out if you never did before. You can read about what’s new here.

“Overall, version 2.2 should appear better to users thanks to its support for kerning, a technique that improves the appearance of text written in proportional fonts; kerning is now enabled by default. OpenOffice’s PDF (Portable Document Format) export function has also been enhanced with the addition of the optional creation of bookmarks feature, and with support for user-definable export of form fields. A quick look at the release notes also reveals that many minor bugs have been repaired in this new version. Most of these appear to relate to the Calc spreadsheet and Base database programs.”

>> Download 2.2.0
>> Download 2.2.0 Dutch version (soon)

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