Opera 9.20 beta

Opera is a free, light and above all good browser. Mozilla Firefox is slow compared to Opera, and the Opera pop-up blocker just works, where in Firefox that isn’t always the case. If you have a website, and if you use the web seriously, you should have Opera installed on your computer. The one thing is doesn’t have: extensions …

Release Notes
This release is a beta version of Opera. Use only on properly backed up computers.
This release contains security fixes. See the Security section for details.
Opera 9.20 beta introduces Speed Dial and Developer Tools.
The search engine in Speed Dial can be chosen in Search preferences. This release dynamically merges a default set of searches with your custom searches.
User interface
Changed keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + 0-9 to call speed dial entries. Panel activation shortcuts moved to Ctrl + Shift + 0-9
Kiosk mode defaults to not displaying Speed Dial. Added new kioskmode switch kioskspeeddial to enable feature.
Added thumbnails on hover in Windows panel.
Start bar disabled by default.
Mail, messaging, and newsfeeds
IRC /quit messages now work properly
Transfer status on IRC improved
Display and scripting
CSS height:inherit now inherits the computed value.
Scripts in framesets now execute onload.
Applets inserted with innerHTML can now be called by JavaScript.
Developer Tools
Introduction of developer tools.
Fix for character encoding inheritance issue with frames, which could enable cross-site scripting. See the advisory.
Fixed an issue regarding handling of FTP PASV response, as reported by Mark at bindshell.net
Skandiabanken.no’s message about successful certificate installation is now shown.
Multiple stability fixes.
Voluntary, anonymous usage statistics reporting feature added.
Flickr Organizr now works correctly in Opera.
Fullscreen movies on YouTube now start.
Images with broken exif data now display.
Saving big images should now work more reliably.
When specifying address:port without specifying the protocol, “http://” is once again inferred.

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