FileZilla 3.0 beta 11

FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client and server with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface. And best of all: it’s free! Beta 11 is the first 3.0 release that has a Site Manager import function, so it’s possible to import all your accounts from a FileZilla 2.x installation.

New features:

* Improved queue
* Import and export dialogs including import of Sitemanager data from legacy FZ 2.x
* Tab key can be used to switch between panes
* F6 toggles between quickconnect bar and local/remote path edit fields
* Location of settings directory can be specified in fzdefaults.xml

Fixed bugs:

* Engine state could get mixed up if transfers failed
* Transfer of empty files could incorrectly time out
* Fix directory cache coherency if removing/renaming directories
* Work around lack of thread-safety in wxWidgets causing random misbehaviour
* Properly disconnect idle transfer engines after 30 seconds
* Update selections if changing sort order of file lists
* Various minor fixes

>> Download FileZilla 3.0 beta 11
>> FileZilla website

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