To Be Steven Feys Or Not To Be

I don’t understand what writing about open source software has to do with a well-written marketing blog. But then again, I guess the pleasure is in the chase, not the catch. I host websites for a wide range of people: from musicians to performing artists. Does that make me a pyro technician? A singer? I think not. Do I know Bram? Yes, we’ve been to school together. We live in the same city, we exchange links on our websites. Do I host Hanenwürger? Yes I do, I even write for it, under the name “Alesis”. That’s no secret. But am I Steven Feys? I’d like to be. He plays in a different league. He sure knows how to keep the buzz alive. That’s good marketing, folks. Steven Feys seems like the person to stay far away from open source. There’s no money to be made. That being said, I find it rather funny that people keep making the wildest guesses about who is or could be Steven Feys. Either they don’t have a clue, or even better: they’re involved. Feys must be laughing his ass off in his Maserati.

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