Solid Sounds

I’ve been buying the Solid Sounds compilations by News since they first came out in 1996. Their motto was “music for the club generation”. I also followed their Serious Beats compilation up until volume 28. After that Serious Beats became too commercial and clubby for my taste, but Solid Sounds filled the gap. Solid Sounds 2008 Volume 1 is now a three cd box, with full length tracks. That’s like 30 tracks on three cd’s.  The problem is, like with all compilations, there are never enough good tracks on them. And this 2008 Volume 1 is very poor, there were only like 10 tracks that could evoke some kind of emotion from me. So what’s the point? The record company can put it in the shops at a higher price, because you get three cds. But they can’t even fill one cd with decent tracks! The best track: Adam K and Soha – Twilight (crappy sound quality).

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