Installing Vista SP1 on my dad’s Acer M3610 desktop pc

After I installed Vista Service Pack 1 on my dad’s Acer Aspire M3610-ZE7Z desktop pc, I ran into one very peculiar problem. Everything worked, except for the mouse cursor. It was bouncing up and down like mad continiously. I tried my luck on Google, but it seemed like this was a very rare situation, as I couldn’t find a similar case. After uninstalling SP1 and reinstalling it again (no solution), I booted into Safe Mode and noticed that the mouse behaved normally. So, maybe this was a driver issue. I started looking for more recent graphics drivers for the ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 card that was in the pc … None to be found on the official site of course. Luckily, Acer’s FTP site did have newer drivers and they solved the mouse cursor problem!


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