FrostWire chat server

FrostWire, the filesharing application based on LimeWire, has a built in chat system. The built-in functions are very basic, and I’m not a big fan of the layout. So I asked wyrdjax in the #Support channel if it’s possible to connect to the FrostWire server using a normal IRC client like mIRC, Konversation or ViRC. Just point your client of choice to and you’re good to go!


  1. The best thing is that now, the new version, FrostWire 4.17, works for Windows Vista without any major problem. And, ofcourse, it is free.

  2. i have frostwire 4.21.6 and why do i have problems conecting sometimes and other times i can conect but cant get chat is there another way i can get 2 chat without having to go through frostwire because i really like frostwire chat!!

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