Desktop icons gone in Windows 7

I’m having quite a peculiar problem: after I install a Linux distribution, my Windows 7 desktop icons and files don’t show up anymore on the desktop. The files and icons are not gone, they’re still on the hard drive, they just don’t show. I’ve tested this over and over again, doing a fresh Windows 7 installation, and afterwards installing Linux Mint, Kubuntu, and Opensuse. With the same outcome. Any ideas, people? Or did I find a bug in Windows 7?


  1. Could be a bug in Windows. If your hdd was formatted correctly for the second install (no new partition table), there should be no problem, because windows is not effected by installing linux to another partition.


  2. That’s what I thought also, but it happens every time. And it’s simply the option ‘Show Desktop icons’ that is disabled. Enabling the option again brings back the desktop icons. I’ve had this with the Windows 7 beta build, all leaked buils I’ve tried, and now with the Release Candidate.

  3. I had the same thing happen without installing linux. I turned the computer on one day and all Icons were missing from the desktop and I also can’t put new one there. It is kind of annoying. But I was wanting to install linux so maybe it knew that I wanted too and tried a preemptive strike (which in microsoft style completly backfired and makes me want to go back to linux more). That sounds like the most likely possibility.

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