DC Salas – Peru

Every week, an avalanche of mediocre tracks finds its way onto music download sites like beatport and itunes, or worse: gets released on vinyl. They don’t stick, they sound the same, they’re nothing special. And every three months NEWS compiles all those tracks onto their Solid Sounds compilation.

And then you find something like this. Pure emotion from beginning ’till the end. Keeping my faith in electronic music intact.

It’s the only good track on Solid Sounds 2010 Volume 2010. NEWS has lost all direction with the Solid Sounds series. I’ve been buying them since format 1 back in 1996, but now it’s time to say goodbye.

DC Salas – Peru EP is out on Doctor Vinyl Records.

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  1. Don’t know who wrote this …. but this is the reason why we release music on the label …
    Thanx for the support
    Geert “Doctor Vinyl’ / Diego Dc Salas :-à

  2. quality always surfaces one way or the other… too bad I can’t plug this kind of track on the radio anymore.

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