SoulSeek 157 NS 12d

After more than six months, there is a new test version out of the filesharing program SoulSeek! Hooray for weird versioning by the way ‘NS 12d’ … the NS (new server) client offers numerous optimizations and bug fixes, and a fair number of new features over the original client. Both NS and original clients may be installed and run side by side. This app seems to have fallen off the radar of the big sites, since I’m one the first posting about this release 🙂 I still use it very often.

There’s an interesting posting from nir, the owner and operator of SoulSeek, on the forum:

well, i took the “test” out of the client’s name and renamed it NS (new server). i’ve also set the initial room join message on the main server to advertise it and sent an admin message to do the same. i understand your frustration regarding the two separate servers, but merging them is just not an option that’s technically available to us right now. the best i can recommend to you right now is to either use both clients at the same time, or use the new client by default and try the older one when you can’t find what you’re looking for. as for bots flooding, i can only recommend private rooms on the new server for now, and i’ll be adding selective private messaging features to the next NS client that will allow you to only receive PMs from friends and ask for confirmation (or ignore altogether) from anyone else. i would also like to address some of the anger regarding nicotine being a much better client. we have no problem with people using nicotine instead. i have no problem with someone else writing a better client. i’m not primarily a user-interface developer, i had to develop both the server and the client, and if another client makes better use of the network then so be it. if you’re happy with your third part client then more power to you. if you don’t want to support us by donating, for any reason including but not limited to not thinking we deserve to stay alive then that’s perfectly fine. enjoy the system for free, as 99.98% of you have for as long as soulseek’s been up. if it’s our time to go we will go quietly. i would also like to take this opportunity to address some of the lies that have been spread about our lifestyle and the money we make off soulseek. we live from hand to mouth. a few months ago we had to let go of sierracat, our system admin, despite his excellent work, because we could no longer afford his services. we are pretty heavily in debt. we are fighting a legal battle in france. we are not poor nor starving, but neither of us drives a fancy car nor could we begin to afford one if we wanted to. i don’t like discussing money issues, but i feel it necessary to defend ourselves from accusations that are, and have always been, patently untrue. with that, i would like to thank you all for using soulseek and making it a significant, if not hugely popular or successful experience. thanks, nir.

>> SoulSeek website
>> Download SoulSeek 157 NS 12d


  1. Thanks for everything, friend! Soulseek is the best!
    I couldn’t import my .cfg files. It doesn’t work how it is describes in slsk site. I have not this “appication data” on my computer! How can I import my user list? Thanks friend!

  2. Migrating your client settings from 156 to 157 NS

    * install and run the NS client.
    * in the client, select Options->General Options and uncheck “Save client data to registry.”, then OK.
    * exit the client.
    * copy all your *.cfg files from the original soulseek installation folder (typically
    C:\Program Files\Soulseek) to the all users application data folder (on Windows versions
    XP and previous this is typically C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Application Data\Soulseek,
    on Vista this is typically C:\ProgramData\Soulseek).
    * start the NS client again.
    * optionally, go to Options->General Options again and check “Save client data to registry.”, unless
    you want the client to keep using *.cfg files.

  3. Thx for the tips ! It works very fine, i just try it from old slsk to new slskNS 🙂
    But i can’t get anymore into private rooms i used to be 🙁

  4. luis enrique (i would answer you in spanish since i presume you are spanish as i am, but i will not). I had to face the same problem you had, that’s because that folder can actually be hidden… so you will have to go to “tools” menu, and “folder options” There go the “see” part and check the “see all hiden files and folders” and there you go! now you should see that “application data” folder. Hope this helps you, i had to figure it out myself 🙂

    Thanks for the info to the blogger… i’m considering making a donation to soulseek since i’ve been using it for more than 10 years with great results, so i think is time to give something back 🙂

  5. I’m on Soulseek from 2007(august),and I’d download v_much music.Soulseek help me to have, to know, to live. By error,vhen I wanted to d_load a containting folder,I saw that I have, suddenly, 13000 files to d_load from a user. Than, I tryed to delete the files, but it was impossible.I uninstalled Soulseek, because it was impossible to run in that situation.Thank You v_much. Titi/ Romania/

  6. I’ll be glad to be continnually in that big family.I live with music, I breath by musik, I haven’t other fortune than musik.Thanks to all users, thanks to all people they make possible that.

  7. It is impossible to transfer to the new soulseek with 13000 files (by error) to download. I need help to delete the files.

  8. How are any of you still useing SLSK? Its worthless now.. since xp updates. I hardly find have the shit i used to. All this port fowarding confusing. What am i supposed to do to make it better?

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